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Sovscope 70 You Tube clips Tabor ukhodit v nebo (1975) "War and Peace" Part 1 "War and Peace" Part 2 "War and Peace" Part 3 "War and Peace" Part 4 Also, recommend you to address on studio "Mosfilm". In the foreground behind camera KSSHR-1 is Cameraman Jury Gantman, nearby Director Akira Kurosawa; behind the second camera KSK-70 is Cameraman A.They have also storehouse of films, shot directly at their studio (and such films are more than half from my list of the Soviet 70 mm of films). Or to the chief of an international department and film distribution Mr. Nakai It is the fullest list of the fiction, full-length Soviet films which have been shot on 70 mm a negative. Film Krasnaya palatka \The Red Tent (1969) - in Gosfilmofond is stored only a positive reference copy of this film in a format 1.37:1, printed in laboratory Technicolor. In storehouse of studio Mosfilm the same - a positive rolling copy and also in a format 1.37:1. Thank you for inserting the information from Russia on your Website.For the first time I have found out that, at last, after a very long break, in global cinematograph the motions to return to shooting on 70mm of the film-chamber have appeared.The matter is that officially it is considered, that shootings on system super 35 for the first time have been tested by the American film studios somewhere in 1982. For the first time such system of shootings has appeared in the Soviet cinema in 1974 and has been developed by state film-photo institute NIKFI (by the way, the same institute has developed also system Stereo 70 for shootings 3D-stereokino on a negative of 70 mm).

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Filming of "Beg"/"The Flight" (Camera "Russia") Unfortunately, I do not have any posters form Russian70mm films. As to DVD of the films, their covers in our country never reveals if the films were photographed of exhibited in 70mm.

The matter is that this film was joint Soviet-Italian production and the most part of money for its setting was brought by the Italian producer.