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13-Jul-2017 20:16

During the search crawl process if Share Point finds values in the Tax Catch All field it will turn the associated metadata fields into managed properties.It does this by creating a special crawled property that starts with ows_tax Id_ and then the name of the field, and a managed property that starts with owstax Id.If you’re familiar with them, you may have noticed that in several of the application templates we use a bit of Javascript to set default form values based on the query string.Because we found this to be useful in many different cases throughout our applications, I wanted to share our method with you guys so that you can include it in the applications you develop. It’s pretty easy to set a field’s default value through the list settings in the browser UI, so why might you need Javascript to set a default field value?The reason is that Lookup Form Fields are rendered with different HTML when the target list contains more than 20 items.

This is something I haven’t seen covered anywhere else so in this article I’ll have a detailed look at how the managed metadata field functionality works so that we can correct these problems when creating list definitions that use managed metadata fields.For example if we have a field called Regional Office then we will end up with a crawled property named ows_tax_Id_Regional Office automatically mapped to owstax Id Regional Office (in addition to the crawled property ows_Regional Office that is not mapped to any managed properties).