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Over the next few years, she and Bercow dated on and off but largely remained friends - even surviving Sally's extraordinary U-turn from staunch Tory to Blairite in 1997 - until the day that Bercow admitted he was seeing someone else.

Perhaps Bercow thought that marriage might mark the beginning of a more stable period in both their lives.

Just how the couple manage to resolve this awkward problem remains to be seen but certainly it is hard to believe, after the events of the past few days, that there is room for any more skeletons in the Bercows' ample closet.

Earlier this week the 40-year-old - who has ambitions to become a Labour MP - tried to pre-empt further embarrassing revelations about her past by admitting to having been a 'big drinking party girl' when she was in 20s.

This week, Mrs Bercow claimed that a large chunk went into 'big iron planters on the terrace to stop the children falling into the Thames'.

And yet despite enjoying all this luxury and privilege, Mrs Bercow said this week: 'I do think the Tory Party is for the privileged few and what it stands for isn't in the interests of most ordinary people.' She also dismissed David Cameron as 'just a merchant of spin'.

The key to understanding this rather clumsy PR exercise is that Mrs Bercow has decided to run for Westminster City Council as a Labour candidate in the elections next May.

And, as anyone who has ever entered politics knows all too well, there's nothing like a few skeletons in the closet to make a fledgling politician fret.

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Can the TV be replaced with a larger one and moved into a more central location (like it or not, it will be a focal point for the kids!!! I assume it will have Sky and we'll need a DVD player too if possible.' In a response sent on July 1, an official said: 'My concern is that the list is getting longer, which isn't technically a problem, but I know that you are very mindful of the costs and only wish to do what is considered "reasonable".' At the time, sources close to the Bercows defended the amounts, saying that £20,000 was spent on making the apartment child-friendly.John Bercow must have swiftly realised what he was getting himself into when he met Sally in 1989 at a Conservative student conference in Nottingham.It was around the time of the Oxford stripper affair, when Sally was still a young and wayward student and Bercow a mere Tory activist.Peter Ball, now 85, was jailed for 32 months in October 2015 for offences dating back to the 1970s against 18 young men at his home in Litlington, near Lewes.

The email sent on Wednesday morning said the pair would not be sending Christmas cards after recent events had “totally wearied and reduced” them.Mrs Bercow, who left Oxford two-thirds of the way through her course after performing badly and having rows with her tutors, insists that she has never claimed to have completed her degree.