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13-Dec-2017 03:36

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They'll take a quick motorcycle ride to the grocery store if they just need a few things, or they'll ride to visit friends or for appointments. If your date mentions riding, there's a good chance he's not talking about a bicycle.Many bikers cover their riding jacket with different patches.

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The stereotypical biker does not trim his beard that often.He might also have long hair or hair that's fairly messy.Of course, some bikers have very short hair and no beards, so this isn't always a clear indicator.We can do the mountains or go thru the grand canyon..

I read about this in the latest issue of HOG magazine and it just sounded like too much fun! I did the planning for a ride that was a little over 2,000 miles for someone.We learned that one the hard way.i was thinking about actually taking a vacation this year. Speaking of flying, maybe I should come down there Mike and WR and bust your flying cherry?