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A recent survey by a leading building society also found that women are much more likely than men to have a 'secret' account with money their partner knows nothing about. I never tell him about my girlfriends' secrets, because he'd be judgmental and disapproving. But it's easy to see how a climate of withholding and keeping smaller secrets can easily lead to bigger ones.'My mother always used to say that you should never tell a man everything,' says Clare, 38, 'and I thought it was rubbish. 'I don't have a secret account, but I'm not completely honest about how much money I spend. 'Women are better liars because they're more psychologically sophisticated,' says Dr Holmes.But while women's lives and sexual behaviour might have changed, their willingness to be honest about it hasn't.The truth is that we have always lied about our sex lives.'You can argue about whether it's nature or nurture, but women are programmed to be much more relationship and people orientated than men.'Emotionally, they make plans and have strategies, while men are more impulsive.' From a young age, he says, women will start to consider the kind of life they want, what kind of job or house they aspire to, how many children they'd like and what kind of partner.Honesty, in these circumstances, looks highly overrated, and we quickly learn the value and power of being economical with the truth in relationships.Many women also develop a habit of secrecy about smaller issues in their relationship as a way of maintaining some kind of control.

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channel4poll of 1,609 adults for Pink News found that - of those who have an opinion - 42 per cent believe that gay sex is not natural.

Simply put, it seems that women are better at having affairs than men.

The news that Farrah Fawcett had a secret affair for 11 years without telling a soul is a classic example of the way a woman cheats: discreetly, in secret, and while carrying on with the rest of her life as normal.

Jobs outside the home - with the ready-made excuse of working late or business travel - financial independence and changing social attitudes mean that modern women simply have more opportunity to meet other men and start affairs.

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Mobile phones, internet chat rooms and email also make it easier to fuel intimate encounters.

'The biggest difference is that women are much better at keeping their affairs secret,' he says.

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