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29-Nov-2017 19:44

encountered error 1603 while updating office 2016-13

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Very good support indeed and I'll be buying my monitor from them in a couple of days. Anyway, in this scam the online store tricks you into placing an order for something at a good price without any intention of ever selling it to you at that price.

All in all their site and service is excellent and I will definitely be buying from them again. They either give you a lesser product or hang on to your money for a week or two while they benefit from that.

reminds me of what shipping used to actually cost us when I worked in an online store. Today I bought an Asrock motherboard and enquired over the phone about cpu's and the guy said they sent out an Atomic magazine (free) and that on page 60 there's an article about cpu's.

So far goods and services have both been above and beyond the call of duty and I rate their site as the best organised hardware seller on the www that I've personally come across and no I don't work for them.

I dam well hope so after my experience with n00bs such as au and CPLSubject : Your Order is shipped Dear xxxxxxx Order Number: TT-100xxxx Order Date: 06/02/2007Customer ID: [email protected]: Your Order is shipped We are pleased to inform you that your order TT-100xxxx Shipped Out on 6/2/2007The tracking numbers for your packages are: xxxxxxxxxxxxx The tracking web-site is: Click Here If you would like to track your packages please feel free to use the tracking number above and go to the courier's website to track it.

i got a message yesterday with something waiting for me at the post (wasnt home).. I posted my story so that others might be warned, and was so upset by what I went through that I was moved to post, which I never do.

I have recently (late Feb 2007) ordered 2 consignments of goods from Mwave in Sydney, and each time the entire process was flawless.

I bought the rest of my new PC parts needed recently from MSY Ultimo (Sydney) in person, and our local computer markets/fair.im not sure if its the hard drives i ordered but if it is i'll be dam impressed it would mean i received them in less than 24 hours! They refunded my money, eventually, and all was well. At the time I ordered from MWave they listed several different prices for the identical product, some marked "special", others not.

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