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08-Oct-2017 08:34

Are we certain that men have actually evolved in the last century or so?Sure it may seem like there are way more genuinely ~nice guys~ now, but do they offer to buy you bread and butter? Max Roser, a researcher for the University of Oxford, posted a photo of an 1865 newspaper dating ad. This man seeking a woman simply didn't know how find someone of the female persuasion to share his sheep with.But God had much more in mind with romance than orgasms or even procreation, and so should we. When people in the world are expecting less and less of each other in dating, God isn’t.

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Here are (some) principles for your not-yet marriages.The world’s approach can provide fun and sex and children and eventually even some level of commitment, but it cannot lead to the life-giving Jesus after whom our marriages are to take their cues.

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