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11-Oct-2017 03:08

Its best if you read this article for the full explanation.Its as simple as the name of this petition states however.

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A panel in the Topography of Terrors speaks of the seeming indifference of “ordinary” Germans to the treatment of the Jews, It speaks about how the “mistakes” or “excesses” in the Nazi’s treatment of Jews were seen as marginal in the context of the great political ‘events’ and the improvement in the social and economic lot of most citizens.

Among the prisoners, there was a “hierarchy”: at the top, criminals (rapists, murderers), then Communists (red triangles), then homosexuals (pink triangles), Jehovah’s Witnesses (purple triangles), and Jews (yellow triangles).

Over 200,00 enemies of the Reich were imprisoned here from 1936; in 1941, 10,000 Soviet prisioners were brought here to be killed and the Soviets kept it operating for the first 10 years of their occupation when 12,000 people died here.

Historian Martin Gilbert’s book, Never Again, purports to be “a comprehensive account of the holocaust”. The death rate of gay prisoners in the camps was 60 per cent, the highest among non-Jewish victims.

Yet the fate of non-Jews merits only one two-page chapter and the mass murder of queers is dismissed in a single 13-word sentence. Heinz Dormer spent nearly ten years in prisons and concentration camps. This ‘homocaust’ was an integral part of the Holocaust.

Heinz F was a care-free young gay man living in Munich in the early 1930s. “I didn’t fully understand the situation”, he admits to the film-makers with pained regret. He was stunned to discover the grisly fate of gays. With tears trickling down his cheeks, he laments: “Nobody wanted to hear about it”.