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Know that Ramanuja will be the specially favored of Sri Ranga (-natha) and he will show the way to the realm known as Vaikuntha.

The one-pointed Religion exclusively to be rendered to Thee and Me (Sriman Narayana) the religion which delivers (creatures) from the bonds of samsara (material existence) becomes dimmed by age, O fair faced one!

Ekayanam." Also, see the word occurring in the same Upanisad vii, 1, 4; 2, 1; 5, 2; 7, 1.

Fourthly, Sri Krsna Himself says in the Bhagavat-gita (7.19): vasudevah sarvam iti sa mahatma sudurlabhah "That great soul is hard to find who knows 'Vasudeva is all';" showing that the Bhagavata or Vasudeva religion was not originated or invented in Krsna's days, but was existent from time primeval.

Thou hast clean (or pure) devotion (or love) for Me. You shall again in Kali age be born as a great brahmana (Ramanuja), and shall worship me with many things of joy." Brhad-Brahma-samhita makes this clear thus: dvija-rupena bhavita ya tu samkarsanabhidha dvaparante kaler adan pasanda-pracure jane ramanujeti bhavita visnu-dharma-pravartakah srirangesa-daya-patram viddhi ramanuja munim yena sandarsitah pantha vaikunthakhyasya sadmanah param-aikantiko dharmo bhava-pasa-vimocakah yatrananyataya proktam avayoh pada-sevanam kalenachhadito dharmo madiyo 'yam varanane!

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This science is also known as the mula-Veda or root science (or Root knowledge), inasmuch as Vasudeva is at the root of all knowledge, as the following verse explicitly says: mahato veda-vrksasya mula-bhuto mahan ayam skandha-bhuta rg-adyas te sakha-bh Utas ca yoginah jagan-mulasya vedasya vasudevasya mukhyatah pratipadakata siddha mula-vedakhyata dvijah adyam bhagavatam dharmam adi-bhute krte yuge manava yogya-bhutas te anutisthanti nityasah (id.

In the Vedic literature there are ten principle instructions.

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